About Me

Dave NottI have an extensive knowledge of the outdoors. I spent many years as a young child camping and at times, living of the land back home in the Northumbrian wilderness.

After leaving school, I joined the British army and spent many years travelling the world and pursuing the outdoor life I craved as a child.

I left the forces back in the late 80’s and settled in and around the London area, working mainly in central London, during which time my love of nature was put on the back burner for a year or two. I then decided to reignite my desire to pursue my interest in nature by enlisting on various bushcraft courses, honing my skills to a higher level.

I became a National Trust volunteer after moving to High Wycombe, where I began to explore the woods around Hughenden Manor and started to get involved in various projects such as:

Brush clearing , tree felling and bee keeping.

In October 2010 I enrolled on a bushcraft instructor course based in West Sussex with Woodcraft School, run by John Ryder (previously chief Instructor to Ray Mears). After a gruelling ten months, I completed the course in July 2011.

To find out more about the qualification I have, please click here.